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Employers, stay informed. Coming this summer.

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Employers, reach top quality contractors directly! No agencies

Jellow lets employers get in touch directly with thousands of freelancers or contractors in Ireland who work on site or remotely. Gone are the delays and expense of using professionals recruiters. No more fees, no more commission. Trusted by these companies in the Netherlands, Belgium & Ireland …



What kind of contractors are on Jellow Ireland?

Human Resources
design Design
Training & coaching

How it works for Employers

  • Speak directly with local freelancers, no recruiter in between.
  • No agency fees, just pay us an annual or monthly membership.
  • See full profiles including day rates, location and skillset.
  • Personal onboarding from Jellow to get you started.
  • Hire quality contractors quicker, when you need them.

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Get more from Jellow

  • Find locally based contractors to work remotely or on site.
  • Unlimited access to top quality contractors.
  • Invite top contractors to apply for a your assignment.
  • Create your own list of favourite contractors.
  • Jellow is already successful in Netherlands and Belgium.

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Find the best locally-based contractors quickly

Your Jellow membership allows you unlimited access to pre-vetted, quality contractors. See full profiles including day rates, work experience, location and skillset. Contact them directly or invite them to apply to an assignment.

“Searching for good freelance support can be a long and difficult process. Jellow allows you to get in contact with the right and available people fast and easy!”

Kim van Santen Marketing & Operations


countries have Jellow
Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland


Employers worldwide
across all of the countries we operate in


Freelancers worldwide
across all of the countries we operate in

Coming to Ireland soon

Don’t miss out on this brand new service to Ireland. Join thousands of happy employers and freelancers and register your interest today.

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