Privacy statement

Last modified: February 2021

You are requested to read the following Privacy Statement of, a service provided by Jellow Ireland Limited (688678), Independent House, 27-32 Talbot St, Dublin 1, D01 XW65, Ireland, carefully before sharing any personal data.


Company data

The domain names and associated subdomains hereinafter referred to as the Website is part of Jellow Ireland. Jellow is an online website where Contractors and Employers can express an interest in learning more about the Jellow service – a platform capable of connecting these parties to share/obtain short-term contract work.


Law for the protection of personal information

Jellow handles User data with care. Personal data is handled with care and secured. Jellow makes the greatest possible effort to comply, through storage and data deletion capabilities linked to its data. Users can gain insight into their data at any time and free of charge and, if desired, request their data be modified or deleted.


Personal information and third parties

Jellow would like to point out that when you pass on your personal information to third parties, Jellow is not responsible for the use of that information by those third parties. Jellow therefore recommends that you check the identity of the third party to whom you are sending your personal data.


User data

As part of the service, Jellow records User data in the Database. Which data is stored and what this data is used for is stated in Appendix A. Unless indicated in Appendix B, your data will not be provided to third parties. In these cases, Jellow will only provide information if it is clear that it concerns a justified request from the person to whom the information must be provided. Jellow uses your data for the implementation of the Agreement. Furthermore, your data can be used to inform you about interesting offers of other products and services from Jellow. Jellow tries to take your preferences into account.


Links to other web

If you leave our website via external link and end up on another Platform, please be advised that Jellow no longer has control over and influence over the content of that other web platform. Jellow therefore does not accept any liability for that content, unless Jellow was actually aware in advance that the content of that other web platform was unlawful. In such cases, Jellow will investigate that link and block it if necessary. The terms of use and privacy statement of such linked webPlatforms may deviate from the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement that apply to Jellow’s Platform. Jellow recommends that you read these as well, so you can understand how they collect, use and share information pertaining to you.


Security data

Jellow respects the privacy of everyone registered and ensures that personal data is treated confidentially and with the greatest possible care. All personal data is securely stored in Jellow’s administration. This Database is only accessible to employees of Jellow, insofar as this is necessary by virtue of their position. Jellow will make reasonable efforts to protect its systems against loss and / or any form of unlawful use and will implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to this end, taking into account, among other things, the state of the art. However, Jellow is not liable for loss of data, damage to files or unlawful access to computers or files.


Terms and Conditions

Jellow uses General Terms and Conditions. These conditions apply to all offers and Agreements with Jellow as well as the use of the Platform. You can view, print and download these conditions via the link on the Platform. If you have any questions about Jellow’s Privacy Policy, please contact the contact address provided on the Platform. Jellow reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Therefore, regularly check the Platform for an update.


Appendix A. Data

Jellow stores data from its Users. Jellow Ireland will use this data to assess the level of interest in the Jellow service and share additional content e.g. getting started in contracting during the pre-launch phase as described in the Terms and Conditions of Jellow Ireland. This data will not be used for other purposes and will not be made available to others than mentioned below.


To get an idea of ​​what data is stored and who can view it, we distinguish the following Users.

  1. Contractor – He or she can submit an interest form that is personal to them that reflects their interest in looking for contract roles via the Jellow Ireland platform once available.
  2. Employer – He or she can submit an interest form that is personal to them that reflects their interest in engaging with contractors via the Jellow Ireland platform once available.
  3. Jellow Ireland – can see the content of all data fields belonging to the Contractor and Employer that have been shared as the interest form or Google form surveys shared as part of pre-launch phase newsletters.

Below is an overview of all personal (privacy-sensitive) data per type of user, company, assignment or hiring, which we store in our database. It is indicated for each item what we use the data for and who has access to this data.

Data field What is it or what is it for 1. 2. 3.
ID Unique number X
E-mail To be able to contact you. X
First name For salutation in emails and contact. X
Last name For salutation in emails and contact. X
Role To determine the type of roles people interested in the Jellow service have on average X
Industry Used to assess the type of industries contractors interested in the service are from X
LinkedIn URL Optional input to allow the contractor to share their profile to get a better understanding of the background of the contractors interested in the service X
ID Unique number X
E-mail To be able to contact you. X
First name For salutation in emails and contact. X
Last name For salutation in emails and contact. X
Industry Used to assess the type of industries employers interested in the service are from X
Company Used to determine the organisation the individual is coming from X



Appendix B: Third Party Data Sharing



Analytics tools allow us to understand how our audience interacts with our site and our content and enables us to provide a better service to our site visitors. We do not collect or process any personal information in our analytics platform.

What we process:

  • Your IP address – in order to track your activity on our site we process your IP address
  • Anonymous data about your device – your operating system (e.g. iOS11), device type (e.g. tablet)
  • Anonymous aggregated demographics –  for example your current city and other anonymous data.
  • Anonymous data about your browsing- stories you read, types of content consumed and browsing patterns.

Why we process this data: The legal basis for processing this data is the legitimate interests of Jellow Ireland to manage and optimise the running of our site and its content.

This data helps us optimise the way the site is structured and how content arranged on the site. It also allows us to show interested parties how many people access the different parts of our site and on average how often they visit. This allows understanding of how many people look at our content at different times of the day etc. These statistics are always calculated on an aggregated basis – never individually.


Who has access: Anonymised versions of the data are hosted on Google Analytics. At no point do we have access to personally identifiable information through Google Analytics. Anonymous aggregated reports about the general behaviour of our audience may be made available to the public, or advertisers, or others.

Stop being tracked:  These analytics tools run on most sites across the web. If you wish to opt out of analytics tracking you must do so on these 3rd party sites or by changing your browser settings. Click on a link below to see the privacy policy and manage your consent across the web for each cookie type:


Further information can be found in our cookie policy.